The changed algorithm shows the engagement and the rating of the app store rankings

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The changed algorithm shows the engagement and the rating of the app store rankings



Taking into consideration the app ratings and the other factors in the stores, there might be some changes in the overall ranking of the apps in the top charts. These changes may result in increasing or decreasing the number of app downloads, or either loosing either gaining higher position in the list.

Apps with 4 and more stars are quite competitive on getting higher ranking, while those with 3 stars and less have dropped down on the list. Those apps that were middle rated didn’t have any affection.

  1. Determining the app rank

Two essential factors help for the determination of the app ranking: download velocity and download volume. If the app had a good older version, but there was out a new, updated one, the ranking might have negative reviews since the newer versions affect the number of downloads and the popularity of the app.

Apps change their position often in the ranking lists. Let’s say one app that has been in the top 20 for 6 weeks, the new position can change if there is another version of the app the published after those 6 weeks. Nowadays the developers are able to see the ranking deviation of their app every 3 hours.

  1. Searching for anomalies in the download process and the apps ranking

Some apps might have automated downloading, which shows that the apps are often connected with the robotic downloads and other acquiring downloads. If there is any delay in the download process, the company can see the delay, search for anomalies in the download patterns, and will prevent the apps entering the charts when the users paid for the “growth” of the ranking. This is useful for tracking spam downloads that are acquiring downloads in order to get an app at the top of the ranking list.

  1. Tracking algorithm change and its influence on the ranking

The app store rankings might increase suddenly for a short period of time while there is some change in the algorithm focused on the ranking. “Growth hack” is a good way to get in the top lists of the charts and to keep the algorithm away from the change. These are spam downloads that affect everything and provide false information. This can cause some good app to not get in the top list and get a negative review by the users, while other spam apps are reaching the top.




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