Realtors need to stay real.

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Realtors need to stay real.

Consistently marketing your stock and services for a West Vancouver realtor is paramount. Use technology. When selling Burnaby real estate Social media and technology are very powerful tools, but it is as important to stay real and use old fashioned ways to communicate, like one to one conversations and phone calls. A persistent realtor is the successful one. You need to keep banging away, eventually you will put the right people together if you are paying attention to the needs of those you come into contact with.


You cannot rely on getting all of your leads from a broker, You will need to put a lot of focus and energy into anything that has the potential to create new leads yourself.  Another thing, sales rarely happen on the first contact, sometimes it can take up to a dozen contacts with potential buyers before the deal signed and sealed. Above all it is important to listen to the client’s needs.


When selling Burnaby real estate you will need to establish yourself as a person who is truly knowledgeable about the suburb, the prices one can fairly expect to get when selling ones property and what a buyer should expect to pay. Neither party wants to feel hard done by. In fact both sides would like to feel they are getting a very good deal indeed. This is where you come in. Selling Burnaby real estate you need to be able to gauge the needs of both sides and convince them of how right the transaction is for both of them. You need to share your expertise which you have gained by keeping your ear to the ground as it were. You need to be seen to be eminently qualified to be a West Vancouver realtor.


To that end you need to have an impeccable work ethic, At all times it is imperative to pay attention to what your customers are saying, once you have established trust you need to keep it. Phone back when you say you will. Do what you say you can do, Be the best you can be, Building relationships is the best way to get the deal finalised. You will also enjoy the work if you build on a strong foundation and develop strong people skills.


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