Important factors to consider when buying a recliner chair

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When you are researching on the best recliners, it is important to know the factors that define comfort and support in a recliner chair. The difference between buying a sofa and recliner chair is that recliners come with a utility that is usually not provided by a sofa. They are specifically designed to give you something more than just the comfort of a seat. They bring support, extra padding, and a more healing effect to your home.


Weight factor

The weight of the chair, as well as the total weight the chair can support, is an important consideration. Recliner chairs that are going to be shifted here and there should be lighter. The weight should not be a problem if you are planning to leave the chair permanently at one place.

A standard recliner can bear up to 400lbs. A larger recliner with wooden frame can carry about 700lbs. Pay heed to the weight of the occupant before you make a purchase. These minor details can prevent you from investing in something that would eventually have no utility for you.


How would you support it?

Other than the weight, also think about how the weight would be support. The construction of your recliner from an interior perspective is as important as from the exterior. Purchase a recliner that comes with springs. It would evenly spread the weight throughout the back. Recliners with pocket coils will also give you better support and cushion.

Pocket coils basically refer to a group of springs coiled together in a metal core which keeps the springs together. If one or two springs break, the rest would still support. It prevents straining and lasts longer.

How much would a recliner cost?

Recliners come in a variety of styles, designs and features. The one you select depends on the budget you have.  You may not be able to purchase a power recliner or a swivel chair if your budget is lower than $500. A budget range from $250-$500 would still give you enough options.

Luxury and theater recliners are relatively expensive. They range from $1000-$5000. Leather chairs come in both cheaper and expensive options. The small space wall saver recliners are cheaper and can feature a majority of the comfort and support features you are looking for.

The medical use recliner is certainly the most expensive ones but can be brought on insurance after you are eligible. Follow this guide to make an informed search for the best recliners.

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