How to keep your babies teeth in perfect health

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How to keep your babies teeth in perfect health

A Burnaby dentist recently released a report that more than 28% of the toddlers are developing cavities. The causes of developing cavities and other dental diseases are common; unhealthy consumption of candies and processed food. But the healthy growth of your child is essential and dental care plays a significant role in it. If you want to help your baby grow with a beautiful and healthy smile, adopt these following tips to ensure best of their oral health.

  1. Avoid sugar

Glucose and sugar are two different things. Where glucose is essential for your child, sugar is unhealthy for their oral health. The consumption of sugar in the form of sweets, chocolates, and processed food is the core cause of developing cavities and plaque in toddlers. Replace the sugar cravings with fruits and homemade juices.

  1. Practice gargling and tooth brushing

Simple things like allowing your child to select a fancy toothbrush can motivate them to gargle and brush their teeth regularly. The early they develop the habit of brushing their teeth the better. If your toddler is not a fan of the toothbrush, give them a mint stick or herbal brush that tastes good and keeps them healthy as well. You can also try a musical toothbrush to make brushing a fun activity.

  1. Try Dental Games

Understand that your child is in a learning age. The best way to make them learn is to involve yourself with them. Play with your child the dental games. Make colorful pictures of happy and healthy teeth and scary pictures of plague and cavities. This will help your child learn the importance of practicing a healthy oral health.

  1. Show them how to do it

Talking about the oral health is not enough. You have to show your child how to do it. If your child follows you in how to do flossing and brushing, they will quickly learn to do it themselves. Give them ten minutes every day and help them learn how to fight the cavity causing bacteria.

  1. Regular check up

Regardless of your efforts, if you feel like your baby is developing cavities, take them to your dentist. Your dentist would be able to help catch the problem at an early age. Book an appointment with your Burnaby dentist to maintain a good oral health of your fast growing child.


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