How to Create Original Birthday Images

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How to Create Original Birthday Images

A birthday is always motif of celebration. One great way to show you care is by creating original birthday images. Here is a guide on how to build original birthday images for the next celebration of that someone special. You will find some ideas unique and excellent to create an original gift for the one you love.


Recycling Old Photos

Recycling old photos from birthdays and parties of a long time ago can be an excellent way to create original birthday images. Use memories of you and the birthday boy or girl. A college recycling old photos will always be welcomed. There are many ways to send it as a gift. You could use it as a postcard on an email, print it in a photo frame or a full frame for the wall, or turn it into a puzzle.

Adding a Digital Frame to Birthday Images

When a birthday image is accompanied by a digital frame, it looks better than alone. There are many apps and online applications to add frames to your photos. A digital frame can return the fresh look to your old birthday images. You can also use it to make the birthday party statement.

Using a digital frame with balloons, confetti, party hats, and cake is standard for birthday images. You can go the usual way, or look for frames that resemble something they like. For example, if you know that the birthday boy is fond of cars, you could get a frame featuring racing cars. If you heard the birthday girl is fond of jazz music, then add a sax to her birthday images. It is all about creating an original and personalized frame.


Edited Images

Another thing you can do is to edit the birthday images digitally. This is an original way to show your appreciation. Depending on the quality and usability of the photo going this way can be easy or hard.

Think of a dream place you know the birthday boy or girl wants to visit. Now take the birthday images and cut the people and some details, like the birthday cake or decorations. Then, use a digital photo of the dream place and put everybody in there. It will be as if the party was held in the dream place. Everybody is going to find amusing and even inspiring the resulting edited birthday images.

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