Germany’s Best

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There is nothing that about UNU and their Elektroroller which does not live up to Germany’s reputation for excellence, efficiency, and creativity in manufacturing and designing. What I’m talking about here is a completely electric scooter. With a rechargeable battery that plugs into your wall. This scooter, is also designed for each individual customer who decides to purchase one. So, basically what happens is that a person will place an order for one of these scooters, choose their colors, choose which of the three engine choices they want, and the scooter comes right to their door. It takes 5 hours to charge battery and that battery can go for 50 hours of driving. The scooter only goes 45 kilometers an hour, unfortunately, so you can take it out on the highway, but it is perfect for City driving. This is exactly the type of invention that we would expect to come out of Germany in today’s day and age, and I’m very glad that I have Had the chance to enjoy this piece of Machinery. Yes, I gave it a ride. And yes, it is absolutely excellent and stunning. There’s no complaint to be had about this amazing product. It is just what it needs to be.



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