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So, I think that I want to tell you about this new website I found. If you’re a student, this is absolutely of interest to you, I don’t see any way that you wouldn’t find this information useful so I’m going to spread it. Basically I found a website that does everything that you need a website to do in regards to being a final exam calculator. So, the website is called the final grade percentage calculator, and it is very very easy. All you have to do is enter what your current grade is, in a little rectangle. Once this information has been entered, then you will enter the in the second rectangle. The second rectangle is in regards to the prompt of what grade that you hope to achieve in the course. Finally, there’s only one more box. That box, of course, is reserved for the wait, or worth, of your final exam in that course. By filling out these three boxes, and then pressing one single button, you can find out exactly the grade that you need to achieve on your final exam to get the mark that you want in your course. Isn’t that incredible? Technology has come such a long way. Instead of trying to Crunch the numbers yourself, and trying to balance what you might get in participation, homework, in class assignments, and other elements of course work like that, all this needs his three pieces of information and it will do all of the mathematic number-crunching for you. What could be better than that? In regards to this style of website, very little. It is efficient and effective, and that is what I am looking for from a site like this.

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