Domestic Outsourcing

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I think that it will be a wonderful thing to be able to use IT outsourcing when I start my new business. This is a wonderful option for anybody that doesn’t understand how to do programming but also won’t have a business that relies enough on software functions to employ an IT team in a way that makes any kind of sense. Maybe that’s just my humble opinion, but I do believe it to be true. I have worked for so many businesses in the past that have entire teams of programmers and computer Engineers that, most of the time, don’t actually seem to be doing very much. I’m not saying that the work isn’t important, it’s absolutely essential, but if I’m running a business do I want to have people sitting around half the time, or do I want to pay a little bit more to have specialized labor when I have specific things that need to be done. To me, in my humble opinion, once again, I think that the answer to this is super obvious. I mean, it’s pretty simple math. Unless your business is going to be you know using software engineers and programmers all the time, then there is really no reason not to just go with Outsourcing. Domestic Outsourcing is great, but once start looking offshore you start to find even cheaper options. I’ve been browsing, and I’ve noticed that some of the best people in India and China cost about the same to work with, as some of the least experienced or reputable software Engineers here. This is crazy, and I think that it’s also crazy not to engage with something that creates profit. Yes some people will say that anything that takes money out of the local economy is not good, but if the biggest corporations are getting rich by doing this, why shouldn’t small businesses use it just to break even?

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