Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review

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The Coleman Montana’s accolades, to a certain extent, speak for themselves. This tent is the official tent of the National Park Foundation, and with Coleman’s well-earned, long-lasting reputation as being on the frontier of camping supplies, I think we can safely say that this distinction has been justified.

To put it simply and quickly, the Montana is a great tent, and it is very unlikely that you’ll be disappointed in this product. There are a lot of positive features and things to like about this tent. That’s for certain. Still, there are a few minor quirks that might not live up to the standard of excellence, in certain people’s definition of the word.

One knock for the giants among us, though, would be the height. It’s only 6’2 in the center, which will inevitably mean that a lot of folks, men especially, will end up not being able to stand freely. The especially tall may want to consider an alternative tent, as this could get a tad claustrophobic, despite the fact that it is 16 x 7 feet in dimension.

Still, most of the great features we’ve come to expect from Coleman are still here on (and in) the Montana. The poles are color-coded and continuous, and they are designed to be snag-free, which makes setting up the tent substantially easier. Once you’ve figured out the routine, it shouldn’t take more than about 15 minutes to set up. The pole attachments are strong and firm and won’t be pushed around by the wind as easy as those of other tents. Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system works wonders for keeping out the rain, and the door awning that other Coleman tents lack is present on the Montana, which serves to protect the tent from rain and from sun as well.

The totally effective rain fly is removable, which makes the tent a lot more versatile in adapting to desirable, and undesirable, weather conditions by either covering the mesh ceiling or letting it be exposed to the blue sky or fresh evening air.

Any Coleman Montana tent is a good one, and this is no exception. There is lots of room for a couple of mattresses or a whole lot of sleeping bags. The price is a bit of a steal of a deal: if you’re looking for a great tent that can comfortably sleep 3-5, you won’t find a deal much better than this.

The National Park Foundation is not alone in recommending this tent, as I think I’m willing to give it the Survival Cooking stamp of approval, as well.

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